How Fahad Al Tamimi saved the Stadio Giovanni Palatucci stadium

While many sponsors in football pay for their name/company to emblazoned across the team’s shirts, Saudi business man and philanthropist Fahad Al Tamimi chose to do more than just use his association with USD Noto to promote his business interests.

With the historic Stadio Giovianni Palatucci stadium falling into disrepair, as the club’s official sponsor, Fahad Al Tamimi saw an opportunity to improve the clubs facilities and lay the foundations for the next generation of the team’s stars to play in surroundings fitting the club’s vision of the future.

Located less than a kilometre from the club’s hometown of Noto in the district of Zupparda, the stadium has a rich and colourful history. The ground takes its name in dedication to John Palatucci, a police officer who earned the medal for civil valour and the title “servant of god” for rescuing over 5,000 people from the Nazi-fascist regime in the Second World War.

The sports complex which proudly bears his name was created in the 80s with monies allocated for the upcoming Italia 90 world Cup. However, for various reasons, the ground was never completed and after remaining abandoned for years, fell into disrepair and attracted the unwanted attention of local vandals. After more than 20 years of neglect, the sports centre underwent refurbishment in 2010.

As well as football, the stadium provides tennis, swimming, basketball, volleyball and even motocross facilities with ample parking for the football teams supporters, of whom 5000 can fit into the ground with a press box and roof still under construction.

While many sponsors prefer to focus on gaining maximum exposure by only working with the elite teams in top tier divisions, Fahad Al Tamimi’s choice to work with an upcoming team such as USD Noto shows a more charitable side to the world of sport.

By being more philanthropic, Al Tamimi is able to help nurture a football team which still has strong ties to the community it represents, unlike football giants operating on a global scale with little connection to their fans.

As well as medicine, Fahad Al-Tamimi supports sport and education causes around the world. He is the official sponsor of U.S.D. Noto, the Italian football club based in Sicily. His sponsorship has led to an entire renovation of the stadium based in Contrada Zupparda. Below you can find some photographs of the team.

Fahad Al Tamimi USD Noto

U.S.D. Noto

U.S.D. Noto during one of their football matches in Sicily.