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Fahad Al Tamimi donates £25,000 to Prince Charles charity

Fahad Al-Tamimi is a renowned Saudi Arabian businessman who is also a dedicated philanthropist. His charitable interests include supporting the MD Anderson Cancer Research Center, contributing to the Prince’s Initiative for Mature Enterprise (PRIME) and also sport mentorship programmes.

Fahad Al Tamimi, generously donated £25,000 to an entrepreneurial charity supported by Prince Charles.

Fahad Al Tamimi’s donation came at a critical stage for The Prince’s Initiative for Mature Enterprise (PRIME) which supports out of work people over 50 years of age and encourages them to set up their own businesses as entrepreneurs.

Mr Al Tamimi was in attendance at the charity’s inaugural reception at St James’s Palace earlier this year where he learned of the charities work, met with His Royal Highness, and was inspired to donate the generous sum to further the cause.

Al Tamimi’s generous donation means he is now one of the charities most valuable benefactors and the funding comes at a crucial stage in their expansion as they look to build on the 600 enterprises they have sponsored in the last few years.

The ultimate ambition of the charity is to create 5,000 sustainable businesses over the next ten years which, thanks to Fahad and other philanthropists, is now one step nearer.

The Prince’s Initiative is supported entirely by voluntary contributions, which makes support from philanthropists like Fahad crucial to their work.

The charity gives unemployed people over the age of 50 the confidence to start their own businesses with the knowledge that support is there for them when they need it.

Through the charity many people with vast experience and knowledge are able to put their skills back into the workplace.

Fahad Al Tamimi Cancer Research

Fahad Al Tamimi

Fahad Al Tamimi and his wife Lema meet with Prince Charles.

Prince's Trust

Fahad the Philanthropist

Fahad Al-Tamimi is a compassionate businessman who has been at the centre of many of Saudi Arabia’s most significant infrastructure projects in the energy, mining and transportation industries.



Al Tamimi Cancer Research

Fahad Al-Tamimi’s main charitable interest is working with the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center that is located in the United States of America.



Fahad Al Tamimi's Charity

Fahad Al-Tamimi has been involved with a number of sport mentorship programmes and has been a significant contributor to the regeneration of the football team based in Noto.